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dental insurance for seniors

Dental Insurance for Seniors

As more and more seniors are turning 65 every day, they’re finding that Medicare doesn’t cover routine dental care. This leaves many to wonder about the best insurance for their teeth – let alone hearing aids or eyewear!

We can help!

Now there is great dental insurance for seniors with benefits tailored specifically toward older adults like you. With top companies such as Manhattan Life and Ameritas to choose from, now there’s no reason to go it alone without proper dental coverage to go along with your Medicare.

You can now choose your favorite dentist without having to worry about a network and still get great coverage. Many companies offer plans with coverage from day one for services such as anything preventative or basic.

And with different coverage limited and premiums to choose from, now there’s a plan for everyone on Medicare.

Features of Dental Insurance for Seniors

Great for the entire family! Coverage from ages 18 - 85
Affordable premiums ranging from $31 - $50 per month
Choose up to $3000 in Coverage per year
NO waiting periods for select services
Eye and hearing exams covered right away!
Choose your own dentist, no network
Instant approval! No one turned down
Quick & easy application process online

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