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Medicare supplement plans help pay the gaps, or expenses, in Medicare Parts A and B.

Medicare supplement

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Medicare supplements are a great way to save money on costly healthcare. If you're covered by Original Medicare, Parts A and B but have frequent doctor visits or hospitalizations that can leave your wallet feeling empty at times then supplement plans from Medigap might be right for you!

In 47 states, there are 12 standardized Medicare Supplement insurance plans that can be denoted by the letters A-N. The private insurance companies offering these policies do not have to offer every option but must sell at least Plan A according to law, however many of them offer the most popular plans which are Medicare Plan G, Plan N, and high-deductible Plan G.

Medicare Supplement Plans offer:

No Network...Choose your own doctor!
Visit any doctor, specialist, or hospital that accepts Original Medicare
Low monthly premiums
Pay just one small deductible with Plan G, then 100% coverage
No referral needed for specialists
No prior authorization needed for Medicare-approved procedures

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans

While there may be 12 different Medicare supplement plans to choose from, there really are just three plans that most people enroll in. This makes it easy!

Depending on your budget and needs, there is definitely a plan for you. Keep in mind that these plans are standardized by the government. This means that although private insurance carriers offer the plans, they must all offer the exact same coverage within each plan letter.

However, each company charges entirely different rates for the exact same thing! Therefore it's very easy to pay, unless you call each company to speak to a sales agent who will all try to sell you on their plan.

Well rest assured, we've got you covered. By clicking the "Find Plans" button to the right or below, you can easily see the rates from the top companies to make sure you're enrolling with the right company for you. And, you can even apply online in just minutes!

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01. Medicare Plan G
Medicare supplement plan G offers the most coverage for those new to Medicare, or anyone wishing to switch plans to save money. With Medicare Plan G, you just pay one small deductible each year (Medicare Part B - Doctor's services). In 2021 this deductible was $203 and will be close to $210 in 2022. Once you have met this deductible, Medicare will begin paying 80% of your doctor's bills, and Plan G will pick up the difference. There are no other co-pays, deductibles, or coinsurance to pay! It's 100% coverage after the deductible.
02. Medicare Plan N
Plan N has lower premiums, and lower rate increases than Medicare Plan G. In exchange for these lower premiums, you will have some additional cost-sharing options that you might have to pay with Plan N. With Medicare Plan N you still must pay the annual Part B deductible. After that Medicare Part B will begin paying 80% of your doctor's bills, and Plan N will pay the remaining 20%. You might have a small co-pay per doctor's visit after you meet the deductible. This co-pay will never be more than $20, and could actually be less or no co-pay depending on how they code your visit. As well, on Plan N if you visit the emergency room and you're not admitted, you'll be required to pay a $50 co-payment. Medicare Plan N also doesn't cover Medicare Part B excess charges, however these are quite rare and 99% of doctor's do not even charge these. Overall Medicare Plan N is quickly becoming the most popular Medigap plan, due to it's low rates and low rate increases. Cliick the button below to see the rates for plans now to help you decide which is best for you!
03. High-deductible Plan G
Similar to standard Plan G, the high-deductible version is just as it sounds. On this plan you'll still have to meet the annual Part B deductible ($203 in 2021). After you meet this deductible, Medicare will begin paying 80% of your medical bills, and you will be required to pay the remaining 20% and all medical costs until you reach an amount of approximately $2370 (2021, will go up slightly in 2022). After your out-of-pockets costs meet that amount, then Medicare and Hi-Plan G will pick up all your costs 100%. This plan is a great option for people who are healthy and don't visit the doctor very often, as it's monthly premiums are less than half of what standard Plan G costs. Remember with any of the Medigap plans, you get to choose your doctor! There is no network.

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