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This provides patients with help on relearning how to perform daily duties or improve their speech.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D prescription drug plans offer prescription coverage to help you pay less for your medications. By enrolling in a Part D plan through an insurance company in your home state, instead of paying the full price for prescriptions, you'll only pay copays required by the plan you enroll in.

Although you are not required to enroll in a Medicare Part D drug plan, most people do and they're quite happy to only pay co-pays for their medications.

The average monthly premium for a Medicare Part D drug plan is $33, although there are much cheaper options starting at only $6-7 per month. The average deductible for Part D drug plans in 2022 is $480 per month. This is the amount you must pay prior to receiving coverage, however Tier 1 and some Tier 2 medications do not apply to this with several drug plans. This means you'll get coverage on these medications from day one and often many plans offer Tier 1 generics at no cost!

Low monthly premiums
No deductible to meet on Tier 1 generics
Easy Online Medicare Plan Finder Tool
Choose your own pharmacy or mail order
Easy online enrollment just takes minutes
You may change your Part D drug plan once per year from October 15th - December 7th
Medicare Part D

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